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Czarnowski North America
2287 S Blue Island Dr
Chicago IL 60608
1 (800) 247-4302

Czarnowski GmbH
Schanzenstrasse 39 D4-D5
51063 Cologne, Germany
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Daimler Trucks North America at MATS

Independent but Unified

Daimler Trucks North America wanted to showcase their four brands—Freightliner, Detroit, Daimler Aftermarket and Western Star—in a unified manner while still displaying each brand’s unique personality and products at the Mid-America Trucking Show.

Our balanced design allowed each brand to maintain its individual identity as it flowed into the next brand’s space, keeping attendees focused on discovering all of DTNA’s storylines and product offerings.

Each brand had distinct requirements affecting the other brands’ designs. We collaborated with each team to ensure everyone was on board with the exhibit designs as they evolved.

Subtle color changes and graphic treatments emphasized individual brands while maintaining a consistent overall palette and carpet inlays guided attendees from one brand space to the next.

The exhibit architecture blended new and rental components, creating an impactful presence without exceeding DTNA’s budget.

From Freightliner’s “Super Truck” press event and Detroit’s interactive displays to Daimler Aftermarket’s strong architecture and Western Star’s bold thematic vision, we delivered an exciting experience that brought the crowds in and kept them there.