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RefleXion at ASTRO

Making waves

RefleXion wanted to make a splash while debuting their revolutionary biology-guided radiotherapy treatment to healthcare professionals at ASTRO 2018, RefleXion’s first commercial showcase.

We designed an impactful experience that not only conveyed how RefleXion’s complex new technology is a game-changer for cancer diagnosis and treatment but also brought the technology to life on the show floor in a dramatic way.

RefleXion wanted to make waves at ASTRO. So we created a concept that “dropped” the radiotherapy machine into the center of the 30’x50’ space—sending out waves of information and architecture.

There was one problem: RefleXion’s radiotherapy machine weighs in at six tons. And while we weren’t physically dropping it into the space, we did need to get it onto the show floor.

To solve it, we brought only the machine’s outer covers and placed custom-curved OLEDs over the machine’s service hatches, simulating the machine’s innerworkings with digital renderings.

In total, our visualization team merged and animated over 2,000 individual files to develop four videos and one touchscreen application—comprising ten minutes of animation.

“People were commenting on whether the renderings were actual videos they’re so remarkable. Even our design engineers have been blown away by the quality. They really bring the machine alive.”

—Cal Huntzinger, Senior Director of Clinical Development, RefleXion