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Trusted Service Modernized

CES 2023 was filled with cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions to some of the biggest challenges facing the world today. The United States Post Service, USPS, knew that it needed to figure out a way to stand out among the exhibits, so it relied on the Czarnowski Collective to create a truly captivating and experiential booth.

The Czarnowski Collective has been working with USPS for years, and each year, it’s an extremely collaborative effort–from ideation and strategy to design and build. The booth celebrated USPS’s trusted service to the American people by branding the space heavily in the USPS colors– red, white and blue. The space also highlighted how USPS is modernizing its network and improving its services for the ever-evolving landscape.

The eye-catching exhibit featured a bright and cheerful 20ft x 30ft media wall, a few impactful LED screens and several interactive stations. One station gave attendees the opportunity to get behind the wheel of the new 3,200-pound USPS electric postal truck. The Czarnowski Collective created an attention-grabbing chandelier that playfully danced above the new postal truck. 

Gaming was a huge component of drawing in and engaging the crowd. There were two fun games in the booth, both created entirely by the Czarnowski Collective team. One game was similar to Pac-Man, and participants had to distribute mail before time ran out. The second game let attendees try their hand at creating unique stamp art. Participants took a selfie and then built a stamp that was emailed to them. In total, the games were played by 3,624 players. 

The USPS booth at CES 2023 was an absolute success. Having spent the last several years understanding and building trust with USPS, the Czarnowski Collective was able to meaningfully tell the story of who USPS is now and how USPS is evolving to better serve the United States.