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Panasonic CES

Panasonic’s Commitment to Sustainability: More Than a Narrative

The Panasonic booth at CES 2023 was a stunning showcase of the unique and diverse capabilities that the Czarnowski Collective offers–a full suite of services from strategy and concepting to development and delivery. The booth told the story of Panasonic’s innovative product solutions as well as its deep commitment to a more sustainable future. 

Since Panasonic’s core technologies and solutions are predominantly large-scale in nature, addressing topics like infrastructure changes within society, it was important to strategize how to best highlight those solutions inside the context of a tradeshow floor. The result—a physical space that was highly open and visible from afar, with a focus on digital storytelling and content instead of product placement in the booth. 

The booth featured four content zones. The first, Town, included a reception area and featured one of the oversized content screens to share the compelling content of Panasonic’s Green Impact initiatives. 

The next zone housed a Perovskite tree, which featured cutting-edge Panasonic patented technology that creates flexible solar cells. The tree offered seating below for attendees to rest and recharge their mobile/personal electronics and experience the tech solution for themselves. 

The third zone was Mobility, which featured physical examples of lithium-ion batteries and visually stunning installations to represent how something so small, like the size of an AA battery, can power electric vehicles. 

The fourth featured zone, Home, was divided into two categories–current home solutions and future home concepts. 

The Czarnowski Collective team ensured that Panasonic’s values around sustainability were visible in a way that not only told but also showed its unmatched commitment to a more sustainable future. Notably, the team opted to have no single-use flooring within the space. Instead, the team embraced the convention center flooring and integrated it into the other design choices. 

In addition, much of the structural architecture consisted of rental aluminum framing, which is continually reconfigured from show to show. The team also limited printed graphics/materials and incorporated biodegradable materials like wheat grass and bamboo to replace traditional wall structures. All printed materials were produced on eco-friendly fabric materials.