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AirVenture Plaza

Boeing needed to change their presence at the Oshkosh Airshow from a traditionally executed trade event to a welcoming, fun, and enlightening experience.

They turned to the Czarnowski Collective to strategize and execute the event. Boeing Plaza became the center of enjoyment at EAA AirVenture.

Historically, Boeing’s presence at the event was set up mainly for transactions…a retail store, areas to renew and purchase digital flight apps, and spaces for a few corporate meetings. As a premier sponsor, and with their exhibit positioned at the center activity, on Boeing Plaza, we needed to rethink the Boeing experience at the show. To start fresh, we challenged convention beyond the traditional exhibit to provide new thinking for how to engage the audience in a deeper story. The brand presence at EAA should be about creating an EXPERIENCE that attracts and immerses visitors into the world of Boeing. Ultimately, at the forefront, was a necessity to establish emotional connections with Boeing that would last for years to come.

To create a Boeing destination that reinforces Boeing’s leadership position in General Aviation, we needed to ENTICE people to visit & explore, ENGAGE in activities related to their interests, IMMERSE them in the Boeing story & products, and INSPIRE discussion & advocacy.  To do this, the audience needed to be at the center of everything.  Getting in the hearts and minds of EAA attendees and exploring what they want ensures the creation of an experience that connects them to the Boeing brand. With this in mind, we developed a plan that impacts each one of the diverse audience’s needs, from family enthusiasts and aircraft owners/pilots to influential journalists.

By researching each of these audience types, we focused on areas within the exhibit to welcome and engage with them. Fun activities for youth interaction were important, as Boeing commits to inspire the next generation of aviation professionals, and they announced a partnership with United Airlines at the event in support of this effort.  We also concentrated on Boeing products and services and valuable Boeing programs, such as their Confident Travel Initiative, which teaches about safety measures within aircraft to mitigate risks associated with COVID-19 while flying.

In the end, we created a Boeing destination at EEA that delivered an emotional experience that attendees loved. It was hot. It was loud. It was amazing!


Featured Components:

Inviting Structure for all Visitors

Open-Air Gathering Places & Flight Line Observation Decks

Youth Engagement Areas

Educational Forum Theater

Product Demonstration & Customer Service Areas

787 Flight Simulator

Boeing Company Retail Store

Selfie Platform for Social Media Posts

Corporate Meeting Room & Lounge Areas