How exhibit rentals save your budget and protect your brand experience

Spending less doesn’t mean settling for less. With the right exhibit rental solutions, you can reduce costs without sacrificing quality or custom design.

How exhibit rentals save your budget and protect your brand experience

July 25, 2017 | Insights

The following post was written by Jeff Turton, National Director of Rental Services at Czarnowski, as part of an ongoing series exploring the value and benefits of exhibit rentals.

Marketing budgets are tight. Everyone is looking to cut costs, save money and spend less—usually at the expense of their customer experience.

What if we told you there is a better way? That spending less doesn’t have to mean settling for less? With the right rental solutions, you can reduce your exhibit and event marketing costs without sacrificing quality or custom design.

The best rental solutions are indistinguishable from owned properties. Advanced rental components—such as Czarnowski’s rental Base6 architectural system—allow for fully customized pieces that are tailored to your specific needs and provide a dynamic, engaging space to promote your brand.

A customizable model ensures a consistent brand experience across every show on your calendar, maintaining design continuity as you scale from small inline exhibits to large exhibition halls.

Exhibit Rentals Can Save Your Budget And Your Experience

New vs. rental
While a new display has the potential to drive significant brand engagement and awareness, it also comes with a considerable price tag. Fabrication alone can represent significant capital expenditure and comes with both upfront and less obvious ongoing costs.

In addition to the initial build of the display, there are also costs for crating, pull and prep, inbound inspection, repairs and modifications. These costs are necessary to keep properties current and ready for the next show but do not represent an increase in effectiveness. Rental solutions eliminate these ongoing costs and provide an opportunity to shift expenditure from capital budgets to expense budgets.

More bang for your buck
Rentals are a great choice if you have multiple divisions exhibiting at different shows. By utilizing rental components, resources can be shared across divisions and projects to eliminate redundant fabrication.

Selecting a rental solution partner with multiple regional storage locations will also help control overall transportation spend. With transportation costs rising over the past few years, rentals are a great way to keep expenses in check and allocate resources more effectively.

Exhibit Rentals Can Save Your Budget And Your Experience

Stay flexible
Exhibit needs change from show to show and year to year. Often a booth space that worked well last year no longer meets the needs of your brand this year. Rental solutions give you the flexibility to respond to those changes without significant additional expense.

Need to double the footprint at your next show? Your rental solution can scale easily. Have an idea for new interactive elements, but want to test small before committing to a large roll out? Rental allows you to adapt without the increased costs of new fabrication.

Rentals to the rescue
Using exhibit rentals is not just about spending less. It’s about spending smarter.

When your marketing dollars are tight, spending significant portions of your budget on architectural elements doesn’t always make sense. Exhibit rentals help you put your money to more effective use while driving engagement and ROI.