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Creating Coca-Cola’s digital cold vault


Longtime client Coca-Cola turned to us to make sure its NACS exhibit really popped. The biggest show for convenience retailers like 7-Eleven and Circle K, NACS attendees convene in Atlanta to “shop” for store-stock products.

Not coincidentally, NACS is also one of Coke’s biggest shows, offering huge sales opportunities – and huge competitors hoping to put a dent in Coke’s market share.

Our solution: the Digital Cold Vault, 60 video microtiles working together to create a digital version of a convenience store’s familiar huge beverage coolers. These “fridge walls” generate huge store profits, especially when they’re strategically stocked to offer exactly the right products to the store’s target customers.

So we concepted and created the Digital Cold Vault to show buyers how coolers stocked with Coke products appeal to specific customer groups. And we did it via a life-size, real-time format capable of reconfiguring itself before attendees’ eyes.

From the outset, we understood that stopping show traffic required a solution that was both life-size and highly controllable in real-time via an interactive kiosk. Working closely with Coke, we also concentrated on embedding critical product information and videos into the experience, making it easy for Coke reps to naturally engage with retailer attendees.

It worked. More than 120 retailers engaged with the DCV, often staying 15 minutes or longer to discuss shopper strategy with Coke reps. According to one of our Coke clients, the success of the NACS show was “a game-changer” that helped extend conversations “beyond the bottle” and into the brand’s thought leadership and unmatched category expertise.

Coke has also asked us to incorporate the Digital Cold Vault into three permanent installations and create a mobile version for Coke sales reps.

Get fresh marketing content delivered to your inbox.