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Czarnowski gives back: fundraising for Randy Smith Memorial Golf Classic


At Czarnowski, we have a competitive nature. Sometimes it shows up in goofy ways, like who can spin the most times in their desk chair or who can scarf down more hot dogs over lunch. But most of the time we put that competitive streak to good use, like fundraising for the Randy Smith Memorial Golf Classic.

Last year we had our first annual Czarnowski competition, with each office facing off for prizes, trophies and bragging rights. This year we raised the stakes, turning the competition into a fundraiser to see which office could raise the most money for a charitable organization.

We selected an organization, set a $10,000 goal and let the offices take it away. And take it away they did. Each office was allowed to decide how they wanted to raise money. Bake sales, raffles, food tours, dunk tanks and everything in between produced $20,900—double our initial goal!

The money raised went to support a cause close to our heart. The Randy Smith Memorial Golf Classic helps families in the exhibition industry who have suffered severe tragedies or face insurmountable medical expenses. Several of our team members have benefited from the organization, making it that much more special to give back.

We believe in being a good partner, both on and off the showroom floor, and we look forward to continuing to make a difference in our industry and communities.

Below are the office winners based on the amount of money raised per capita.
• Gold crate: Lodi, NJ
• Silver crate: San Francisco, CA
• Bronze crate: Las Vegas, NV

Get fresh marketing content delivered to your inbox.