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Fab 50: how we made the top trade show exhibit builders list


We don’t show up to work each day expecting accolades for our accomplishments, but we definitely don’t mind when one comes our way.

We’re excited to once again make Event Marketer’s Fab 50 list—a highly respected and influential agency listing of the top event and trade show exhibit builders.

Making the list is no easy feat. Companies are chosen through a rigorous application and judging process, with the goal of helping trade show teams, event departments and procurement officers choose the best exhibit partner.

We can’t hide that we are big fans of fabrication: six of our offices have fabrication capabilities. And that enthusiasm shows in our work. After all, the ability to transform a basic structure into a dramatic brand statement directly correlates with our dedication to bringing our clients’ ideas to life—no matter the size, shape, complexity or budget.

We look forward to the challenges clients throw our way, and we’ve armed ourselves accordingly.

Our Denver office is equipped with a 5-axis CNC machine, chroming capacity, Kern laser cutter and vacuum forming machine.

Our Atlanta fabrication team operates nearly 24 hours a day, printing, dyeing and framing fabric.

Our St. George office has a water jet that cuts everything from glass to two-inch thick steel.

And all our fabrication offices are outfitted with a 3D printer.

Each office and every piece of technology blend together to help us create the best solution for our clients. With an in-house fabric production capability, we can design and print whatever we want, whenever we want and however we want it—even within very tight timelines.

We not only control the timing, we also control the quality. This ensures that everything we create not only meets our exacting standards but those of our clients as well.

Get fresh marketing content delivered to your inbox.