Unlearn & Reframe: An introduction

Unlearn & Reframe helps you step back from what you think you know about exhibit and event marketing and consider an alternative angle.

Unlearn & Reframe: An introduction

December 10, 2015 | Insights

This is the first post in a six-part series discussing Unlearn & Reframe and how it applies to exhibit and event marketing.

Unlearning is a fundamental aspect of progression. It means shedding familiar concepts to make way for new ones.

Continued success is not possible without transformation and progression. To learn, you must first unlearn.

• Unlearn linear and mechanistic ways of thinking
• Awaken to new possibilities
• Evaluate your perceptions
• Reframe your perspective

Unlearn belief
We can’t assume that tomorrow’s challenges will be the same as today’s or that our current techniques will meet the needs of tomorrow’s audience. So why would you view the future through the past’s lens?

Be brave. Step back from what you think you know and consider an alternative angle. Once you unlearn your expectations of what exhibit and event marketing is, you can reframe your vision for what it can be.

Reframe possibility
Exhibit and event marketing—as well as its audience—will continue to evolve, and you must be prepared to evolve with it.

“The ability to explore alternatives, investigate what makes your customers tick and adapt accordingly is the key to exhibit and event marketing success,” said Dillon Nagle, Director of Marketing at Czarnowski. “When you push the boundaries of the status quo, you create compelling experiences that will stick with your customers long after the show ends.”

Make unlearn and reframe part of your organizational culture. Once you unlearn and reframe exhibit and event marketing, you will emerge with a new awareness of who your customer is and how to reach them.

The next post in the Unlearn & Reframe series will highlight why customers—not transactions—should be at the center of your marketing focus. Don’t want to wait for it? Download the complete Unlearn & Reframe guide now.

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