Unlearn habits, reframe audience

Don’t exhibit by default. When you understand who your audience is and where to reach them, you can develop a strategy that moves your business forward.

Unlearn habits, reframe audience

February 15, 2016 | Insights

This is the third post in a six-part series discussing the concept of Unlearn & Reframe and how shedding preconceived notions can change your perspective on exhibit and event marketing. You can read more about Unlearn & Reframe here.

Why do you exhibit at the shows you do?

Sometimes it is industry perception, or because you have been doing it for 25 years. (Or because it’s in Vegas, baby.)

Don’t exhibit by default
Look at the big picture. Determine your objectives and define your target audience. Think like your audience and go where they go.

Once you find your target audience, you can create a plan to reach them.

Stay curious about your audience
Ask the right questions. Determine their needs and challenges. Gain an understanding of your customers’ journey from pre-show to post-show and use what you learn to create conversion opportunities.

Track your effectiveness and do it all over again.

“Analyzing your customers’ behavior ensures you get the most out of your program, said Larina Cipolla, Exhibit Designer at Czarnowski. “When you understand who your audience is and where to reach them, you can develop a strategy that will help move your business forward.”

The next post in the Unlearn & Reframe series will highlight how creating experiences—not booths—engages your customers and produces brand advocates. Don’t want to wait for it? Download the complete Unlearn & Reframe guide now.

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