The value of post trade show evaluation

A post trade show evaluation is not only critical for capturing the success of your technology engagement, but also for knowing how to move it forward.

The value of post trade show evaluation

December 15, 2016 | Insights

This is the final post in an eight-part Technology Mixology series documenting how to create a technology engagement that dazzles, delights and connects your audience to your brand.

Conducting a post trade show evaluation is critical to knowing how to move your technology engagement forward.

How can you make it better for the next show? What changes can be made to achieve greater success? What can you learn from the audience’s reaction to and interaction with the technology?

Tracking and measuring tools and techniques help you capture a complete picture of your engagement’s success.

If your technology’s purpose is to attract and draw in booth traffic, implement a tool to measure how many people come through your space. If your engagement is meant to educate attendees about your product and gain qualified leads, be sure you have a way to integrate those leads into a CRM.

Badge scanning programs, digital document emailing, beacon and RFID technologies can all be used to gain valuable information about who and how many attendees visited your space.

Gather the information from your post trade show evaluation and regroup with your team to determine where you succeeded and how your engagement can be improved for future shows. This information and insight helps validate your engagement’s overall success and justify your engagement spend (and maybe even a budget increase!).

Creating the perfect technology engagement isn’t easy. But it’s also not impossible. Identify what you want your audience to walk away from your exhibit knowing about your product or service. Then gather the right ingredients, incorporate the right tools and implement the right execution plan to make it happen.

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