Conquer program challenges with event technology solutions

You know what’s holding you back from maximizing your potential on the show floor. Here’s how to identify the event technology solutions to overcome it.

Conquer program challenges with event technology solutions

October 31, 2016 | Insights

This is the fifth post in an eight-part Technology Mixology series documenting how to create a technology engagement that dazzles, delights and connects your audience to your brand.

To overcome your biggest program challenges, you need to become a marketing super sleuth. Determine what’s holding you back from maximizing your potential on the show floor. Then get together with your team and identify the event technology solutions to overcome it.

If you’re stuck in a space on the show floor that isn’t ideal for high-traffic volume, consider using large, eye-catching video or strategic lighting. Hanging signs that are creatively lit or that contain LED video screens can help grab the attention of passersby and promote your brand message.

If attracting qualified attendees is a struggle, incentivize your audience to divulge their information with raffles, giveaways or live demo tickets in exchange for taking a digital survey on a mobile device or larger display.

Maybe your challenge is collecting qualified leads and integrating them into your CRM. Lead retrieval systems with digital document libraries are a great solution, offering instant information gratification and providing insight into who engaged with your communications and what their interests are.

Do you have specialists in your booth and need to keep your attendees occupied so they don’t leave? Consider placing custom games and interactive photo displays at the far corner of your booth to keep attendees entertained while leaving the center of your exhibit focused on active conversations.

Whether you need tools to increase your sales staff’s efficiency or to provide your audience with a self-guided experience, customized content programs and RFID-enabled engagements are the answer.

If you need a new or creative way to display your products or services, virtual reality experiences, 360° immersive environments, gesture technology or transparent LCD displays might be the right option for you. As certain areas of technology become more popular, the price goes down—making technology that wasn’t financially feasible three or four years ago a viable option today.

Whatever your challenges, with a little detective work you can find the right event technology solutions to overcome them.

The next post in the Technology Mixology series will help you create a pre-show planning checklist that covers everything from timelines to testing.

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