Choosing the right event technology for your audience

Incorporating event technology into your engagement doesn’t matter if it doesn’t connect with your audience. How do you know what matters to your audience?

Choosing the right event technology for your audience

October 18, 2016 | Insights

This is the fourth post in an eight-part Technology Mixology series documenting how to create a technology engagement that dazzles, delights and connects your audience to your brand.

You can incorporate the biggest, flashiest event technology into your engagement, but what does it matter if it doesn’t connect your brand to your audience? When you create an engagement that matters to your audience, you will stand out for all the right reasons.

For example, if your target customers are baby boomers who are primarily interested in the scientific research behind your product, you don’t want to create a social media engagement with today’s hottest pop star. Instead, you want to build an engagement that helps your target customers interact with your research data in a meaningful yet entertaining way.

So…how much do you really know about what matters to your target audience? If your answer is “Not a lot,” take time to get to know them better. Find out who they are and what motivates them. Then use that information to create an engagement that speaks to them.

The best way to get insight into your audience is to create a persona. Identify their gender, age, job title and major personality traits. Then use those characteristics to determine what trends they are interested in and what event technology they would prefer to interact with.

When you truly understand your audience, you are better equipped to create a technology engagement that gives them exactly what they are looking for. And one that keeps them talking about you long after the show ends.

The next post in the Technology Mixology series will help you identify your biggest exhibit and event marketing challenge and the technology solution you can use to overcome it.

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